3D Foot Orthotic Scanning, Design, and 3D Printing - Tulsa, OK May 13 - 15, 2020

  • $750.00

Course Description: Our 3D Foot Orthotic Scanning, Design and 3D Printing course provides a full three days of hands-on experience.  The student will learn scanning techniques and software, how to design and modify, how to create a model simulation, and finish with custom 3D printed orthoses.



You will learn to scan a foot, design a custom orthotic from that scan, modify the design, create a simulated model and 3D print a custom accommodative foot orthosis, a custom functional foot orthosis, and a custom UCBL.



Course Objective: 3D Foot Orthotic Scanning, Design, and 3D Printing will give you the basic knowledge to create custom foot orthotics and UCBLs for your patients.



Course length: 3 days 8am - 5pm



Credits: ABC has approved this course for 24 Scientific Category I credits for Pedorthists, Orthotists, Orthotic Assistants and Orthotic Technicians..  BOC has approved this course for 27 (S) credits.



Fee: $750



Location: Tulsa, OK



Prerequsites: None. General PC and Windows skills required. Knowledge of Pedorthics or Orthotics is highly beneficial.






Course Outline: 3D Foot Orthotic Scanning, Design and Printing



Day One  8:00 am to 5:00 pm



I.    Welcome and discuss the plan for the 3-day class
II.    Review 3D Printer calibration and setup
III.    Set up printer for Project 1
IV.    Print project 1: Heel Lift 
V.    Break – 10 minutes
VI.    Discuss KScan3D Scanning Essentials
VII.    Scan feet using KScan3D and Kinect
VIII.    Discuss Scan Cleanup using KScan3D
IX.    Perform Scan Cleanup
X.    Discuss Meshmixer User Interface and Navigation
XI.    Discuss Meshmixer Scan Normalization
XII.    Normalize Scan
XIII.    Break for Lunch on premises – 40 minutes
XIV.    Discuss Met Head Markers
XV.    Place Met Head Markers
XVI.    Discuss Scan Extrusion
XVII.    Extrude Scan
XVIII.    Discuss Trim Lines
XIX.    Establish Trim Lines
XX.    Discuss Smoothing
XXI.    Smooth Orthosis
XXII.    Break – 10 minutes
XXIII.    Discuss Orthosis Finishing and Supports
XXIV.    Finish Scan and Place Supports
XXV.    Discuss Accommodative Printing and Materials
XXVI.    Set up printer for Project 2
XXVII.    Print project 2: Accommodative Foot Orthosis 



Day Two  8:00 am to 5:00 pm



XXVIII.    Evaluate Project 2
XXIX.    Discuss 3D Printing Troubleshooting
XXX.    Review Met Head Markers
XXXI.    Discuss Forefoot Balancing
XXXII.    Balance Forefoot
XXXIII.    Break – 10 minutes
XXXIV.    Discuss Functional Trim Lines
XXXV.    Place Functional Trim Lines
XXXVI.    Discuss Forefoot Platform
XXXVII.    Create Forefoot Platform
XXXVIII.    Discuss Lateral Heel Expansion
XXXIX.    Expand Lateral Heel
XL.    Discuss Met Pads
XLI.    Place Met Pad
XLII.    Break for Lunch on premises – 40 minutes
XLIII.    Discuss Plantarfacial Groove
XLIV.    Create Plantarfacial Groove
XLV.    Discuss Medial Heel Skive
XLVI.    Create Medial Heel Skive
XLVII.    Discuss Sweet Spots
XLVIII.    Create Sweet Spot
XLIX.    Discuss Smoothing
L.    Smooth Orthosis
LI.    Break – 10 minutes
LII.    Review Orthosis Finishing and Supports
LIII.    Finish Scan and Place Supports
LIV.    Discuss Functional Printing and Materials
LV.    Set up printer for Project 3
LVI.    Print project 3: Functional Foot Orthosis 



Day Three  8:00 am to 5:00 pm



LVII.    Review Project 3
LVIII.    Review UCBL Function
LIX.    Review UCBL Trim Lines
LX.    Discuss UCBL Scanning
LXI.    Discuss UCBL Design
LXII.    Discuss UCBL Printing and Material Selection
LXIII.    Break – 10 minutes
LXIV.    Scan mock Case Study patient
LXV.    Design UCBL for fabrication based upon Case Study findings
LXVI.    Set up printer for Project 4
LXVII.    Break for Lunch on Premises – 40 minutes
LXVIII.    Print project 4: UCBL Foot Orthosis 
LXIX.    Compare and Contrast Milling Positive Mold, Milling Orthotic, and 3D Printing
LXX.    Break – 10 minutes
LXXI.    Discuss Scanning System components and setup
LXXII.    Discuss Design System components and setup
LXXIII.    Discuss Printing System components and setup
LXXIV.    Discuss device finishing techniques
LXXV.    Discuss Device Libraries
LXXVI.    Evaluate Project 4
LXXVII.    Summarize and dismiss