ABC Shoe Fitter Online/Live - Tulsa, OK  August 17, 2020

ABC Shoe Fitter Online/Live - Tulsa, OK August 17, 2020

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ABC: 16 Cat 2 - BOC: 15 (S) + 3.25 (B) - This 18.25-hour course consists of a 14-hour self-paced online component that is comprised of narrated PowerPoint lectures, videos, and comprehensive lab assignments followed by a 4.25-hour live class covering the hands-on and lab components. It is ideal for the busy professional that has intermediate computer skills.



How it works:



The self-paced portion of the course consists of several YouTube type video lectures, with printable lecture notes, lab assignments, and quizzes. You may start, stop, and replay these video lectures as many times as you need. They can be viewed anytime.



The lab assignments are emailed to us. A typical lab assignment may consist of a short list of terms that you will need to define, and email the answers to us.



The quizzes are graded, for reference only, and do not count towards completion of the course.



The Timed Final Exam consists of 100 multiple choice.



The 4-hour live portion of the class will be conducted in a traditional classroom setting. These are scheduled at various locations around the US, or with enough attendees, at your location. See our schedule for locations, or call us for details on classes at your location.