3D Orthotic Scanning, Design, and 3D Printing - 100% Online

3D Orthotic Scanning, Design, and 3D Printing - 100% Online

  • $750.00

Course Description: Our 3D Orthotic Scanning, Design and 3D Printing course provides 40 hours of scanning, design and 3D printing experience. The course consists of self-paced how-to lectures and lab assignments. The instructor is available for email support during the class to assist in setup, scanning, design or 3D printing, related to the class.  The student will learn scanning techniques and software, how to design and modify, how to create a model simulation, and finish with custom 3D printed orthoses.

You will learn how to scan for lower extremity, upper extremity and spinal orthoses. You will design custom orthotics from that scan, modify the design, create a simulated model and 3D print a functional foot orthosis, a SMO, an AFO, an Arizona boot, and an arm splint. You will also learn to design a scoliosis jacket. Access to a 3D printer is required. We suggest a FLSUN QQ-S available on Amazon for around $300. Purchase not required.

Course Objective: 3D Orthotic Scanning, Design, and 3D Printing will give you the basic knowledge to create custom full body orthoses for your patients.

Course length: 36 hours self-paced + 4 hour Zoom session with instructor

Credits: ABC has approved this course for 40 Scientific Category I credits for Pedorthists, Orthotists, Orthotic Assistants and Orthotic Technicians..  BOC has approved this course for 40 (S) credits.

Fee: $750

Location: Online

Prerequsites: None. General PC and Windows skills required. Knowledge of Orthotics is highly beneficial. Access to a 3D printer is required. Access to Simplify3D software is required. Access to a foot scanner is suggested.

Course Outline: 3D Orthotic Scanning, Design and Printing

 Content Includes:



  • Forward - Video Lecture
  • The Dirty Little Secret - Video Lecture
  • 3D Printing Technology - Video Lecture
  • 3D Printing Cost Time and Reliability - Video Lecture
  • 3D Printing Foundations - Video Lecture


  • Scanning with Structure Scanner and Scanning Frame - Video
  • NW Podiatric Scanning Frame - Video
  • Sulcus Stick - Video

Design - Basics

  • Meshmixer Navigation - Video Lecture
  • Meshmixer Selection - Video Lecture
  • Import and Clean - Video Lecture

Design - Foot Orthotics

  • Functional Modifications - Video Lecture
  • Trimlines and Extrusion - Video Lecture
  • Rearfoot Post - Video Lecture
  • Met Pad - Video Lecture
  • Relief and Offload - Video Lecture
  • Adjustments - Video Lecture
  • Toe Crest - Video Lecture
  • Full Length FO - Video Lecture

Design - Lower Extremity Orthotics

  • UCBL Design - Video Lecture
  • SCFO (Arizona) Design - Video Lecture
  • AFO Solid Ankle Design - Video Lecture
  • AFO Articulated Design - Video Lecture
  • AFO / SMO Adding Struts - Video Lecture
  • SMO Design - Video Lecture

Design - Upper Extremity Orthotics

  • WHO Design - Video Lecture

Design - Spinal Orthotics

  • Scoliosis Jacket Design Univalve Contemporary - Video Lecture


  • Export from Meshmixer into S3D - Video Lecture
  • Simplify3D Walkthrough - Video Lecture
  • Printing Full Length Flexible FO - Video Lecture
  • Introduction to the FLSUN QQ-S - Video Lecture
  • Autolevel - Video Lecture
  • Loading Filament - Video Lecture
  • Cleaning the Bed - Video Lecture
  • Glue Method - Video Lecture
  • Tape Method - Video Lecture
  • Starting the Print - Video Lecture
  • Baby Stepping - Video Lecture
  • Unloading a Print - Video Lecture
  • Unloading Filament - Video Lecture
  • 3D Print Troubleshooting - Video Lecture


  • 3D Printed Functional Foot Orthosis
  • 3D Printed Supramalleolar Orthosis (SMO)
  • 3D Print SCFO (Arizona Boot)
  • 3D Printed Solid Ankle Orthosis (AFO)
  • 3D Print Resting Hand Splint (WHO)


  • Meshmixer Download - URL
  • Insole Template - MIX
  • Tamarack Dummy - STL
  • Shopping List - PDF
  • Insole Template - mix
  • Left Foot Scan - OBJ
  • Right Foot Scan - OBJ
  • Left Leg Scan - OBJ
  • Right Leg Scan - OBJ
  • Left Hand Scan - OBJ
  • Right Hand Scan - OBJ
  • Right Arm Scan - OBJ
  • Trunk Scan - OBJ