3D Foot Orthotic Scanning, Design, and 3D Printing - 100% Online

  • $500.00

Course Description: Our 3D Foot Orthotic Scanning, Design and 3D Printing course provides 24 hours of scanning, design and 3D printing experience. The 24 hours of the course consists of self-paced how-to lectures and labs.  The student will learn scanning techniques and software, how to design and modify, how to create a model simulation, and finish with custom 3D printed orthoses.

You will learn to scan a foot, design a custom orthotic from that scan, modify the design, create a simulated model and 3D print a custom accommodative foot orthosis, a custom functional foot orthosis, and a custom UCBL. Access to a 3D printer is recommended. We suggest a FLSUN QQ-S pro, an Ender 5, or Artillery Sidewinder X2. Purchase not required.

Course Objective: 3D Foot Orthotic Scanning, Design, and 3D Printing will give you the basic knowledge to create custom foot orthotics and UCBLs for your patients.

Course length: 24 hours self-paced

Credits: ABC has approved this course for 27 Scientific Category I credits for Pedorthists, Orthotists, Orthotic Assistants and Orthotic Technicians..  BOC has approved this course for 27 (S) credits.

Fee: $500

Location: Online

Prerequsites: None. General PC and Windows skills required. Knowledge of Pedorthics or Orthotics is highly beneficial. Access to a 3D printer is required. Access to Simplify3D software is required. Access to a foot scanner is suggested.

Course Outline: 3D Foot Orthotic Scanning, Design and Printing

 Content Includes:


  • Forward - Video Lecture
  • The Dirty Little Secret - Video Lecture
  • 3D Printing Technology - Video Lecture
  • 3D Printing Cost Time and Reliability - Video Lecture
  • 3D Printing Foundations - Video Lecture
  • 3D Printing Machines Materials and Methods - Video Lecture



  • Scanning with Structure Scanner and Scanning Frame - Video
  • NW Podiatric Scanning Frame - Video
  • Sulcus Stick - Video



  • Meshmixer Navigation - Video Lecture
  • Meshmixer Selection - Video Lecture
  • Import and Clean - Video Lecture
  • Functional Modifications - Video Lecture
  • Trimlines and Extrusion - Video Lecture
  • Rearfoot Post - Video Lecture
  • Met Pad - Video Lecture
  • Relief and Offload - Video Lecture
  • Adjustments - Video Lecture
  • Toe Crest - Video Lecture
  • Full Length FO - Video Lecture
  • UCBL Design - Video Lecture


3D Printing

  • Export from Meshmixer into S3D - Video Lecture
  • Simplify3D Walkthrough - Video Lecture
  • Printing Full Length Flexible FO - Video Lecture
  • Introduction to the FLSUN QQ-S - Video Lecture
  • Autolevel - Video Lecture
  • Loading Filament - Video Lecture
  • Cleaning the Bed - Video Lecture
  • Glue Method - Video Lecture
  • Tape Method - Video Lecture
  • Starting the Print - Video Lecture
  • Baby Stepping - Video Lecture
  • Unloading a Print - Video Lecture
  • Unloading Filament - Video Lecture
  • 3D Print Troubleshooting - Video Lecture



  • Meshmixer Download
  • Foot Scan - Meshmixer File
  • Insole Template - Meshmixer File
  • Shopping List