Biomechanics for O & P - Webcast

Biomechanics for O & P - Webcast

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ABC: 2.25 (S) BOC: 2 (S) - Developing a better understanding of the science of movement and ambulation will better equip the clinician to recognize abnormalities in the patient's gait patterns, understand the root cause of those abnormalities, and better understand the processes needed to improve problems. By developing a fuller understanding of biomechanics, kinesiology, and kinetics the clinician will enhance their ability to improve their patient's mobility.
Valid for the following credentials:
ABC - Assistant
ABC - Orthotic Fitter
ABC - Orthotist
ABC - Pedorthist
ABC - Prosthetist

ABC - Shoe Fitter

ABC - Mastectomy Fitter

ABC - Technician

BOC - All Credentials