ABC Pedorthic Pre-certification Class Part 1  FLEX SCHEDULING

ABC Pedorthic Pre-certification Class Part 1 FLEX SCHEDULING

  • $3,400.00

An ABC Certified Pedorthist or C.Ped., is a health care professional specifically educated and trained to manage comprehensive pedorthic patient care. This includes patient assessment, formulation of a treatment plan, implementation of the treatment plan, follow-up and practice management. Pedorthic care includes patient evaluation, and the design, fabrication, fitting, modification, maintenance and repair of pedorthic devices for the prevention or amelioration of painful and/or disabling conditions that originate at the ankle or below.

How it works:

With FLEX Scheduling, you can begin the 80-hour online class and, when you are ready to do so, select the live class you would like to attend. This allows you to thoroughly study the online material without feeling rushed.

 Part I of the Pedorthic Course is completed self-paced online via Distance Learning. This portion of the course consists of narrated PowerPoint lectures, videos, printable lecture notes, assignments, worksheets, study activities and self-assessments. There are case studies and Patient Simulations that must be completed. There is a mandatory 3-hour Zoom session in Module 7.  You must have a mock patient and your own supplies (Brannock Device, 5.07 10 gm monofilament, 128 Hz tuning fork, and a pedal thermometer) to complete the Zoom session. Successful completion of all assignments is required for eligibility to take the final exam. Successful completion of the final exam with a score of 70% or greater is required for successful completion of the course and certificate award. It is highly recommended that the student be completed with the online class portion prior to attending the live class. The online portion of the class will take 80 hours to complete.

Part II of the Pedorthic Course is completed during a live, in-person class that spans five 8-hour days. This fast-paced portion of the course consists of various assessments of the foot and ankle, and gait patterns, and fabrication of various pedorthic devices and modifications including:  Accommodative Foot Orthoses, Functional Foot Orthoses, Partial Foot Prostheses, and various Shoe Modifications.  You will learn casting, scanning, and modification techniques for both accommodative and functional foot orthotics, UCBLs, SCFOs, Partial Foot Prostheses, and shoes. Each student will be assessed on indications/contraindications for the device, successful identification of pertinent landmarks and measuring techniques, successful donning of the device and making any necessary adjustments to fit, instructing the mock patient in donning, doffing and care of the device, and troubleshooting fit.  This portion of the class will take 40 hours (five 8-hour days) to complete.  This portion of the class must be taken within 6 months of completion of Part I of the Pedorthic Pre-certification course.

You will have 1 year to complete the course (Part 1 and Part 2).  No Refunds can be issued once online class has been accessed.  

Tuition fees do not include student travel expenses, student meals, or certification exam fees.

Tuition fee covers the self-paced, online didactic class portion (Part I) of the course only.  It does NOT cover the 5-day in-person class.  There will be an additional scheduling fee for the live class portion.

To become certified, you must take an approved course, have 1000 hours of Pedorthic experience (either before or after the course), and pass the ABC Certification exam.  This course meets the ABC educational requirement. 

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